Increasing profitability and sustainability for hospitality operators through the reduction of carbon emissions

We are the leading provider of energy and carbon management for hospitality companies working with over 40 leading brands to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Our iC analytics platform is a suite of products that delivers savings in energy costs, the 2nd highest controllable cost for the sector.

With you we’ll configure iC to provide accurate and actionable information that eliminates energy waste across your estate and increases profitability.




Delivering Cost Savings

We work with the leading operators including Pizza Hut, Burger King, Wagamama and Costa amongst others to reduce energy usage by up to 30%, worth £7,500 a year in additional profit for a typical outlet.
As a result operators are more profitable and sustainable through using less and earning more, supporting our sectors journey to net zero carbon emissions.
Our iC analytics platform, built for hospitality operators, works off existing smart meter data to:
  • Identify sites where excessive energy is being consumed
  • Highlight why energy use in target sites exceeds consumption in sector comparable sites
  • Recommend immediate action to reduce energy waste
  • Engage operations teams in a simple, easy to understand way
To see how much more profit you could be making contact us for a free healthcheck and start the road to recovery.

Net zero and sustainability

We can help you define and implement a plan to net zero emissions

As the sector seeks to recover from Coronavirus, being able to demonstrate a plan to decarbonise your operations which will improve efficiency, sustainability and save costs is critical. This is now a high priority for customers, colleagues, Government and to meet investors’ ESG requirements to access funding.
We can work with you to develop and implement a roadmap to net zero emissions quickly, practially and profitably. Working with you we can:
  1. Calculate your baseline of carbon emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3
  2. Identify emission reduction initiatives
  3. Define a timeline to achieve a net zero target
  4. Create the action plan to get there
  5. Track progress through ongoing measurement of emissions

In doing so you will be able to demonstrate to your customer, colleagues and investors how your business will be more sustainable and profitable through being part of the sector and country’s roadmap to net zero emissions.

We are supporters of the Zero Carbon Forum, a non profit organisation based on a collaboration of hospitality operators to define and implement a roadmap to net zero emissions.

SECR and ESOS Compliance

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Comply whilst comparing your emissions to other operators

We can support you to comply with SECR legislation which took effect from 1st April 2019 and requires large UK companies to publicly report on their energy use, carbon emissions and energy efficiency actions. It has replaced the previous Carbon Reporting Commitment and Mandatory GHG Reporting legislation.

As well as complying with the legislation we can provide you with insights on how your emissions compare to other operators in the sector and where reduction opportunities exist.

Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme

Identify energy saving opportunities based on best practices of over 40 operators

As sector specialists we have supported operators to comply with ESOS which requires an assessment of your energy consumption and an identification of opportunities for savings. Our energy survey’s identify savings initiatives based on an assessment of those implemented by more than 40 operators.

As industry specialists we have unrivalled knowledge in energy saving technologies, we know what works, what doesn’t and why.

As well as supporting you on ESOS compliance we can assess any existing ESOS survey’s and update these to form part of your roadmap to net zero emissions.

Contact us to understand how we can support you with ESOS and the current compliance phase which runs from 6th December 2019 – 5th December 2023.



We’re hospitality sector specialists in managing energy use and reporting carbon emissions.

Since 2009, Carbon Statement have worked with over 40 of the leading pub, restaurant and coffee operators to control and reduce energy usage, the 2nd highest controllable cost.

As a result our clients stop losing hard won profits and reduce carbon emissions helping enhance your environmental credentials and support your plans towards net zero carbon.

Our iC analytics platform has been built specifically for hospitality operators working from smart meter data to identify energy wastage across your hospitality estate and engaging your teams with actionable insights to reduce it.

We also support our clients to meet their carbon reporting requirements through ESOS and SECR requirements. Our experienced team includes technology, technical and compliance specialists driven to identify and deliver energy cost savings across large multi-site estates.

Talk to us now about how we could help you improve the profitability of your business.



Carbon Statement is proud to support the leading brands in the sector – here’s what they say about us


As well as helping our managers to see clearly how their energy reducing behaviour impacts on the bottom line, measuring and tracking emissions across all our areas of operation, and presenting this in a meaningful way to each pub manager, each week helps me to track the business’s performance against targets.

Miles Slade, Operations Director


Having piloted the plan, we over-achieved against our reduction targets as the methods put in place by Carbon Statement proved so successful. This year, with Carbon Statement’s help, we are adding more advanced analytics and a more targeted approach and are confident in achieving in excess of 9% more reductions in the next year.

Phil Derbyshire, Property Director


The Industry Benchmarking exercise enables us to identify the key areas where we can improve, to share and adopt best practice across our industry. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint both to support our business performance and as part of our obligations as a responsible company.

Chris George, Head of Energy & Environment



Zero Carbon Forum

Collaborative action on sustainability and net zero

We are a founding partner of the Zero Carbon Forum a non profit organisation based on a collaboration of hospitality operators to define and implement a roadmap to net zero emissions.

The forum exists in order to support hospitality operators to:

  1. Define an industry wide roadmap to net zero carbon emissions
  2. Develop individual operator plans to net zero
  3. Ongoing working groups and initiatives to reach net zero emissions

The forum meets quarterly and supports members to be more sustainable, profitable and reach their net zero goals through supporting with:

  1. Measurement and reporting
  2. Specialist expertise
  3. Collaborative action

To find out more about joining the forum please contact the membership office through the website

Or email:

Or telephone: 0207 692 4244