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Forum meeting summary form 23rd November Next event early February 2017

Hospitality Carbon Reduction Forum.  It was another productive meeting hosted by Casual Dining Group with over 30 of the major pub and restaurant group operators attending to share best practices on ways to increase profitability through reducing energy, water and waste use.

Some of the highlights of the meeting:

1.     Hospitality sector energy analytics – we are progressing with a project to enable members to better understand their energy use and how it compares to other operators to quickly identify where energy waste is occuring.

2.     Water benchmark – we are proceeding with the comparison of operators water usage ahead of the market deregulation in March 2017.  If you wish to be included and have water consumption data please contact me by Friday 9th December.

3.     Organic waste logistics, on site food waste processing – Mark Linehan presented an innovative approach to food waste processing on site which could reduce food waste costs.

4.    Fareshare, supply chain food waste reduction – Mark Varney presented how useable food in your supply chain could be donated to charity which a number of operators wanted to explore further.


At the upcoming meetings through 2017 the next topics will be

1.    Energy price forecast  – the impact of upcoming energy taxes on energy prices
2.    Battery storage – the latest innovations on battery storage to reduce energy costs through
3.    Compliance update – Replacement to the ESOS/CRC
4.    Waste backhauling – Members approaches to backhauling waste

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