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HCRF Hospitality Forum meeting summary from 22nd September

It was another productive meeting hosted by Marston’s with over 20 of the major pub and restaurant group operators attending to share best practices on ways to reduce energy, water and waste use.

Some of the highlights of the meeting:

1.    Water reduction programme – Marston’s gave an overview of the measures they have taken to reduce water usage across their estate, and other members discussed the measures they have taken.
2.    Water deregulation – an overview of the upcoming water market deregulation was provided by the Future Water association and the impact for hospitality operators was discussed.
3.    Water benchmark – forum members agreed to participate in a benchmark of water consumption to enable them to understand how usage compares to comparable operators and where efficiencies could be made.
4.    Energy trackers – the latest findings for the energy trackers were provided which shows trends of energy usage across the sector by operator type.


At the upcoming meetings through 2016/17 the next topics will be

1.    Controlling your energy use using energy analytics – how to use analytics to eliminate energy waste across your estate
2.    NEW carbon tax legislation – an update on Government plans for consolidating the environmental legislation CRC, ESOS etc.
3.    Waste workshop – What are the latest approaches to reducing waste and reusing or disposing of it.
If you are interested in attending one of our furums in future please email Mark Chapman at

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