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Hospitality Forum event on 1st February 2018 London. By invitation only

HCRF Agenda February 2018

This is the agenda for the upcoming forum event on the 1st February which Whitbread are kindly hosting.

Admission restricted to members only. Please contact for details.

As ever we have a full agenda based on member feedback of the topics you wanted to know more about including:

  • Science based targets – the latest standard for setting your carbon reduction goals. Whitbread will outline their approach, why they adopted them and how they are going to implement them.
  • ESOS phase 2 approaches to comply – James from TRG will lead a discussion from members on how operators are planning to comply with ESOS phase 2 and the best approaches to make the most of the findings.
  • Water market deregulation, self-supply – Marston’s and Whitbread will share their initial experience of taking the opportunity to self-supply water services as part of the market de-regulation.
  • Topical waste issues – McDonald’s will share their approach to waste reduction and lead a discussion on how members are approaching the topical waste issues such as plastics and coffee cups.
  • Members updates – as ever they’ll be the opportunity to share learnings and ask questions of your colleagues on initiatives to reduce energy, water and waste.

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