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2016 Hospitality Sector Energy Benchmark results

Hospitality Sector Energy Benchmark 2016

The Latest Hospitality Sector Energy Benchmark shows 20% of operators are using energy efficiency to improve profits

Benchmark 2016

The 2016 energy benchmark comprising 26 of the leading pub and restaurant operators shows that 1 in 5 are using energy efficiency programmes to proactively improve profits. The benchmark undertaken each year by the Hospitality Sector Carbon Reduction Forum (HSCRF), found that profits have increased by up to 30%, directly as a result of implementing energy efficiency programmes. This was achieved through combining both operational engagement and the deployment of energy saving technologies.

Despite energy being one of the highest operational costs, its usage is largely uncontrolled across the sector, unlike labour and stock. Given the complexities of identifying where energy waste is occurring across many different sites, leading operators are using energy analytics platforms to both engage operational teams and targeting investments in energy saving technologies.

Over half the sector now have a multi-year plan to reduce energy and the leadership group also have KPI’s at a board level on achieving the reduction. 10% of energy spend is re-invested each year in their reduction programmes to deploy up to 11 energy saving technologies and engage operations teams.

The impact on competitiveness is clear with leading operators achieving an additional 1.5% on margins over the bottom performers.

The benchmark continues to show the improved profitability that can be achieved through implementing well planned energy reduction programmes. At a time of increased operational costs particularly on labour, the sector can ill afford to ignore the savings available through eliminating energy waste and implementing more efficient equipment.

The forum and the benchmark was established to enable operators to deploy the right technologies and engage their operational teams. Any operators in the sector wishing to participate in the benchmark or the forum should contact Carbon Statement on 020 7298 6181 or at

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