Carbon’s days are numbered

We’re cutting the hospitality sector’s emissions. As the industry’s leading provider of carbon analytics, we offer solutions to help your business outperform carbon reduction targets and increase profits. It’s time to crack down on carbon.

We’re putting an end to waste

The average hospitality business loses £2,500 per outlet every year in wasted energy alone. That’s 5,263 oven-fresh pizzas, or 7,142 pints of beer. You wouldn’t throw food in the bin. Although annual water and food waste add up to an additional £2,000. Let’s get those lost profits back in your pocket. We empower businesses to reduce carbon emissions and save money. Because being wasteful not only hurts our planet, it hurts your bottom line, too.

Average waste for a hospitality business


Per Outlet in Wasted Energy


In Water & Food Waste


Oven-Fresh Pizzas


Pints of Beer


Our advanced analytics platform calculates your carbon footprint and identifies opportunities to save across energy, water and waste.


Turn data into action with powerful employee engagement, training and reporting. We inspire teams to eliminate waste every day.


Our programmes have saved clients an average of £2,800 (or 6t C02) annually per outlet. Get in touch to find out how much you can save.

The race to net zero

Cutting carbon goes beyond saving money. We provide the data and insights to take control of carbon emissions and recover lost profit in the meantime. It’s time for us to tackle the climate crisis while we still can.

Sustainability is a high priority for customers, employees, government, and investors. And despite COVID, hospitality made up the majority of the 300% increase in UK net zero commitments in 2020 (Source: Greenbiz Jan 2021). A credible plan to decarbonise your operations is a crucial part of the UK’s COVID recovery. Our team of experts will help you build back better.

We’ll work with you to:

  1. Calculate baseline carbon emissions across scopes 1, 2 and 3
  2. Align on meaningful measurements and an ambitious net zero target
  3. Identify emission reduction initiatives that work
  4. Create an action plan to bring it all to life
  5. Track progress with ongoing emission measurement

Our partners

Working with over 40 leading brands, we’ve helped deliver over 50,000t CO2 of carbon reduction.
That’s the equivalent to driving over 100 million miles in a 4×4, or in profits, an extra £2,000 a year for each pub, restaurant, or coffee outlet.

We’re just getting started.


We’re proud to be the hospitality industry’s most trusted energy efficiency consultants. Here’s what some of the sector’s biggest brands have to say about us:

Cut your carbon. Cut your costs.

Get in touch for a free operational energy analysis to find out how much you could save.